Due to ethos and production dynamic the ML-70™ is capable of exceeding the UK NMH requirement for 44 airframes within budget cap offering unrivalled value for the Exchequer.

Short delivery schedule to meet ambitious timelines dictated by requirement including Puma Out of Service Date (OSD) preventing capability gap.

Lowest risk option for the Stop Gap nature of the requirement.
Unmatched global type operational experience and provenance greatly reduce Non-recurring Engineering (NRE) requirements to achieve Operational Capability phases.

Exchequer savings and rapid delivery allow focus on research and development of sovereign Future Vertical Lift (FVL) capability.

Existing crew and engineers may be detached to partner nations’ fleets during intervening period alleviating requirement to draw down then revive squadrons and associated personnel management issues.
UK base type experience already exists as a result of past and current crew detachments and exchange programmes (e.g. Australia, Brunei and USA).

Base type in use by many NATO members and partners realising significant interoperability benefits as well as the ability to consult existing operators about their Tactics, Techniques and Procedures in addition to existing Standard Operating Procedures.

Delivery of total required airframes fulfills all requirements, including the reinstatement of the deployable Special Forces squadron previously disbanded due to previous fleet decrease.

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