With the proven capability and overall type having flown over 2 million combat flight hours the ML-70™ is a military helicopter designed to enhance capability with an extensive list of turn-key systems allowing rapid reconfiguration as required. 

Special Forces
Fast rope insertion using Tactical Insertion and Extraction System.
Gunner positions both sides independent of troop egress/cabin door minimizing exposure whilst maintaining large aperture.
Crew and cabin ballistic protection.

Slick Utility (Troop / Cargo transport)
14 troops + 2 pilots + 1 Crew.
Latest crashworthy seating (Martin-Baker UK).

Armed Escort / Fire Suppression
Over 20 weapon systems have been proven and fielded.

Fixed external or cabin mounted internal rescue hoist.
Extended range via Internal Auxiliary Fuel Tank System (IAFTS).
SAR AFCS including search patterns.

Rapid role change medical fit (as little as 30 minutes).
Up to 6 stretchers + 3 crew/attendants  + 2 pilots.

Rapid role change mission equipment (as little as 45 minutes).
Turn-key mission console and sensors.

Fire Fighting / External Load
Fire fighting using ‘bambi bucket’.
Rapid fit internal 3400 litre fire tank (as little as 15 minutes).


The ML-70™ offers proven class-leading performance and capability.

  • Highest maximum speed (193 knots)
  • Ferry range 780-Nautical Miles
    (Standard Atmosphere 2000ft 130 knots – 4 x Internal Auxiliary Fuel Tanks; no reserve)
  • Zero Fuel Weight as low as 5640 kg (12,000lb)
    (Depending upon configuration).
  • Maximum All Up Mass (MAUM) 10,000 kg (22,000lb).
  • Internal payload up to 4545 Kg (10000Ib)
  • Cabin internal load up to 3800 Kg (8370Ib)
  • MAUM up to 10680kg (23500Ib) with external load.
  • External load up to 4080 kg (9,000lb) exceeds UK NMH requirements
  • Hover Out of Ground Effect (HOGE) with 2,000 Kg (4400Ib) external load up to 8,500ft DA (Standard Atmosphere)
  • Hover In Ground Effect (HIGE) with the 2,000 Kg (4400Ib) external load up to 9,300ft DA (Standard Atmosphere)
  • Designed for tactical low-level Nap-of-the-Earth (NOE) flight.
    (1.75G sustained for 3 seconds and 0G pushover)

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